One simple platform.
Everything you need.

Built for non-profit organisations
Relationship Management
Zero Touch New and Recurring Payment Processing
Event Pages and Raffles
Email Marketing + Journeys
Automated Imports + Exports
Powerful Analytics + Reporting
Easy to Connect to Other Platforms

One Platform

Finding the right mix of technology platforms is difficult, and maintaining the integrations between them is complicated and expensive, which is why we have built one platform that includes everything you need.

Everything we offer is directly maintained and managed by SupporterHub, reducing the number of vendors you have to deal with and letting you focus on doing what you do best. We provide the same feature coverage that other products require many different connectors, plugins or bespoke integrations (CRM, Payments, PCI Compliance, Events) you to have.

One Focus

We are the platform for change. Our focus is on your organisation, and organisations just like yours, not servicing other industries with you as an after-thought.

Even when you have the right technology in place, the success of the implementation is critical and successful implementations require deep context about your organisation, your values, your business processes and what you are trying to achieve. Our entire focus is on the not for profit sector – you are not an after thought for us – and our team has over a decade of experience delivering transformational change using technology in not for profit organisations.

We have local resources, and can work alongside your team, allowing us to go above and beyond what traditional CRM providers can.

Many Benefits

Despite being solely focused on deliver technology solutions not for profit sector,  we have the expertise and the backing to deliver ground breaking features and capabilities that most commercially focused offerings can’t.

Being a true Software-as-a-service platform that has been built on open-standards and technologies, we are able to offer a platform that has far more than just relationship management functionality. We are able to take advantage of emerging technology quickly without complicating our offering, which allows us to deliver more to you without increasing costs or having to wait for long development cycles.

We cover a lot of ground with core features including marketing automation, data operations, reporting, analytics, predictive modelling and supporter insights all from a single seamless pane of glass.

Ready to launch your organisation?

The best way to get started is to organise a time to talk with one of our experts to help understand how SupporterHub can help propel your organisation forward.