Education Foundations

Raise awareness of your campus and encourage new donors to support specific programs, research and operational costs

Education Foundations

Diversify income streams

It's never advisable to rely on one form of fundraising. With so many groups of advocates, fundraising programs for a school or university must appeal to students, teachers, a board of governors and members of the local community.

Sponsorship opportunities

Identify local businesses and members of the local council who can contribute to the growth of a campus in a mutually beneficial partnership.

Provide direct access to fundraising pages through existing digital communication and let recipients know how they can support fundraising efforts. Newsletters, eNews, school magazines and the website are all excellent ways to inform members from a range of groups of your funding requirements.

Strengthen communication

Run sell-out events

Events are a fundamental pillar of academic fundraising. The events module facilitates a complete events strategy beginning with raising awareness and ticket sales and ending with event wrap-up correspondence. Online auctions and raffles can also maximise revenue pre and post-event.

Grant funding from government, councils, trusts and foundations is a long-term engagement program. Create strong relationships, access complex budgetary and financial information and strengthen funding requests with each application, all in one platform.

Manage a structured grants program

Move traditional fundraising online

While schools and universities traditionally fundraise face to face, new donors can be acquired by investing in online systems.

Build fundraising and events pages

While the primary website must focus on the merits of the school or university to attract new students, targeted fundraising and events pages can focus solely on raising funds.

Associates of pupils might not have the time or flexibility to support events taking place on campus. Moving fundraising initiatives online will encourage more alumni, parents and members of the community to support fundraising initiatives without being physically present.

Hold digital auctions and raffles

Peer to peer fundraising model

With access to countless students and their families each with a vested interest in your campus, peer to peer fundraising is a highly credible model. You only need to establish a seamless peer to peer fundraising program once for it to raise income with relatively little ongoing output. Create automated email sequences and fundraising pages so students and associates can easily fundraise on your behalf.

Zero-touch payment processing allows you to schedule and recur payments via credit or debit card. This membership system means current contacts of the school or university such as parents and staff are more likely to continue donating long after their connection with the facility has ended.

Set up memberships

Build long-lasting relationships

Donors of a school or university are often short-term, and support only lasts for the duration of the relationship with the campus. Create long-lasting relationships to enhance fundraising into the future.

Comprehensive donor management

Personalise all correspondence to supporters and create targeted campaigns around their giving habits, reasons for supporting and personal goals for the school or university.

Contacts will have vested interests in different areas. Segmenting donors into programs such as major donors, bequestors, grant donors or local businesses allows for more effective stewardship to help donors reach their giving potential.

Donor segmentation

Structured communication

Create structured, personalised communication sequences and ensure recipients receive a good mix of appeals, local news and school or university updates.

With so many groups invested in an educational facility, it’s likely that potential donors are on multiple communication lists and receiving duplicate or irrelevant correspondence. Upload all data into one easy-to-use platform and tag groups to tailor correspondence. Universities and schools have a positive role throughout society and effective fundraising can communicate this. Increase fundraising outcomes and join SupporterHub today!

Seamless data integration

Integrate with your current donor database

SupporterHub APIs allow you to seamlessly integrate our functionality with your current database, so you can take full advantage of the platform while tapping into already engaged supporters.

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