Medium Non-Profits

Simplify everyday processes, grow fundraising income and increase impact without increasing output.

Medium Non-Profits

All systems in one place

When donor data, relationship programs, payment systems, marketing platforms and accounting programs are disconnected, it can be hard to create scalable systems. SupporterHub easily integrates all programs to grow systems and further your impact in the community.

Website integration

Capture user data, process payments and collect newsletter signups in one place. Every website visitor is a warm lead, track and log all their actions to build strong relationships into the future.

Analyse real-time data from campaigns distributed through the platform. Use comprehensive reporting and get to know donors on a deeper level.

Detailed reporting and analytics

Transparency across systems

Potential investors want a clear picture of revenue, budgets and forecasts past, present and future. Provide a comprehensive overview of income, outgoings and potential funding opportunities at the click of a button.

Segmenting donors into a targeted program helps them reach their giving potential. Tag donors and personalise donor stewardship processes based on long-term giving history.

Better program management

Use technology to advance programs and increase impact

You might have the potential to scale up, but if you're simply treading water or trying to stay afloat, it's impossible to reach more people. SupporterHub will help advance programs and increase impact without increasing output.

Streamlined monthly giving

The monthly giving program is the most effective method of guaranteeing ongoing income and creating a sustainable future for a charity. Automatic payment processing allows for streamlined payments and communication to help build the program with less output.

With all systems in one place, it's easier to predict the viability of potential initiatives without the risk. Calculate budgets and predict income based on previous models.

Implement more creative ideas

More successful events

Major events are the key to donor engagement and fundraising income but they require a lot of effort. Maximise the success of events by marketing through an automated email campaign, creating event web pages and structuring a follow-up program for attendees.

The most effective element of any appeal is the analysis. Use detailed analytics to assess strengths and weaknesses from any appeal to help create more targeted appeals into the future.

Appeal delivery and analysis

Assist a growing team

As fundraising income grows, so does the number of team members, volunteer program and organisational structure. Allow greater visibility of each group to aid organisational growth.

Supporter visibility

Instantly see a donor's relationship and entire history with the charity. Whether a member of the team has been there since launch or they're on their first day, donors will always feel like they're talking to someone who knows them.

Training for new staff members made simple with an online user manual for just one system. Help new staff become efficient, and therefore productive, faster.

Simple procedures and easy training

Grow along with your requirements

As the team grows, so does SupporterHub's capacity. We have the functionality to help you scale up your systems as income, the number of donors and diversity of programs all increase.

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