We have built a platform that is designed to eliminate the requirement for third-party plugins and add-ons for you to get up and going. All the features you need are native to our platform, and we even provide Platform Interconnects to allow you to use other platforms that compliment the way you work where needed. Our platform is open and comprehensive, allowing your team to focus more on doing, decreasing your operational costs and risk, while increasing the growth and retention of your supporters.

  basic advanced custom
Supporter Management

View and update the profiles of your supporter, such as contact details, communication and other preferences, bequest commitments, memberships, account information, donations and recurring donations.

See each supporters history, upcoming commitments, follow up required and communications they have been sent.

Direct Relationships

Keep track of the one on one relationships you develop with individuals, groups, companies or other organisations.


Develop powerful marketing campaigns and automated journeys for your supporters.

File Exchange

Secure portal to allow your suppliers and other third parties to exchange (download or upload) data.


Create automated exports of your data to files either ad-hoc or on a scheduled basis.


Create automated templates for importing data without any manual effort.


Zero touch payment processing for scheduled and recurring payments via credit card or direct debit.

SupporterHub can also provide a merchant facility with competitive rates.


Create custom integrations with SupporterHub using our RESTful API that provide full access to the platforms functions to third party applications and developers.

Basic Reporting & Analytics

View basic reporting and analytics dashboards that include dimensions such as income, engagement, and churn.

Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Adds additional standard dimensions for reporting and analytics.

Custom Reporting & Analytics

Allow your team to design their own dashboards and reports, and customise existing dashboards for your organisations needs.

Supporter Insights

Use machine learning based insights to understand trends and influencing factors about your supporters.

Predictive Modeling

Allow our machine learning technology to provide provide predictions

Hosting costs included

All costs associated with running and accessing the SupporterHub platform are included in the monthly subscription.

per user per month
per user per month
per user per month
All prices are $AUD excluding of GST.
^ Additional costs will apply for consumables used (emails, SMS, letters, postcards & flyers sent).

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